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the housing bubble with a government inflated a bubble that will eventually top and caused another economic collapse. this is about 25 minutes. >> now joining us on booktv is peter schiff, he is the author of the real crash, america's coming bankruptcy. how to save yourself and your country. here is the cover of the book published by st. martin's press. what do you think when you talk about a government goebel? >> let's go back. we had two big bubbles, we had the stock market bubble because initially the chief money supplied to the economy by the fed and the stock market has had a lot of the crazy stock is replaced by a larger bubble in the real estate in which we expanded this economy based on all of the false rules while people were spending money that they don't have come in and we have a lot of consumption and employment that was a function of the wealth. that bubble burst and now all of the achieved money that the fed was creating was going into the government through the bond market. the government was able to borrow enormous amounts of money and all true low interest rates thanks to
.s. government. it looks just like 1/4. it was only made 79-81 for three years. it was the last regular issued government issued coin they made the san francisco mint uncirculated condition with the proof. it had all kinds of problems. it makes it a commercial failure but makes it a collectable absolutesaffordable at $129 and a customer pick but $109.95 the most affordablen set released by the u.s. government of all the coin sets we have. the 1999 season the anthony. most people do not even know that coin exists. it was not in the proofset and not man said. that coin you gotta individually--mint- set coin! these, $79 apiece.are $109 across the board for everything that you see. >>host: explain where you get numbers. >>guest: i talked about getting individually and the reason is pretty simple. people buy coins individually to build their sets. when i say if purchased individually that is the way most people put their coins together. the coin catalog they are the lord largest coin catalogers kind of the gold standard and has always been there. that is the reference point for retail coin p
." "rollback: repealing big government before the coming fiscal collapse" how would you describe the premises behind your book, and what are your main points that you are trying to get across? >> well, only about 5 percent of the book deals with fiscal issues and the budget. i would rather jump out a window than read or write a book. to set the stage we're on a trajectory left or right, democrat or republican, we have to admit can't be sustained. obviously some very wrenching changes are coming. the rest of the book is sort of gored toward kind of revisiting some of the arguments by which we were sold big government and wealthy. we have this program and -- what i'm trying to suggest when we have to cut back, it's not going to be the terrible catastrophe that the nightmare scenario to the contrary, the silver lining of the crisis it will cut back on some of the things and with give a lot more scope for entrepreneurship and freedom. >> what are one of those budget items that you could see being cut back that could bed a venn teenage use? >> well, like a book like this and a publisher like mine,
, a lot of people think that government and big business go hand in hand. >> they do go hand in hand but governments' playing field for power and so business introduces itself there to guide it in the directions it wants to go. but of course a lot of people in big business or in the financial community would prefer it if they went on in their way unimpeded by government, and toso that's another front in this particular power struggle. >> host: one of the points you make in "power inc." there are multinational corporations who make more money, control more money, than most of the governments on earth. >> yeah, big companies like wal-mart, you know, have more employees than some of the smaller countries in the world. but a company like exxon has revenues that are bigger than the gdp of all but probably 30 or 40 countries on earth and, therefore, it has resources that allow it to set up offices in more countries than most countries have embassies. put more money towards influencing outcomes in political campaigns to a greater extent than almost any countries are able to do. so they have
more on the government and thanks to the method it's the same thing right now. there is overwhelming contribution that this is the time having the government spend more would be freed, putting people to work with the unemployed that would be basically doing nothing and essentially it is very easy and very hard politically because it is hard to persuade people about the need to do that which is why some of us books. [laughter] >> some of those would argue it's like a sugar pill for the transient work of time and then you fell back. i think it's a very interesting story. why did little more to, why didn't we strike back in the depression? in fact there was montgomery ward was a major kept waiting for the depression to comeback basically lost their position in the marketplace. it is the private sector debt if you had the debt that left people stranded with too much debt and that happened during world war ii that we had first of all the unemployment that made it easy for people to pay down debt plus a significant amount of inflation to reevaluate the debt so you can into world war ii for
.the government sold out during the course of the year several months ago. what i did was when i originally released them the price $429 at keep the original issue price in the 2011 set when we brought that out the original issue price was $429. i have that cory set now and if you go to is $1,299.95. the 2006 sater --t i sold it for a hundred $99it is $1,299. those are the other to reverse print sats and they both haveonly one that has a silk san francisco mint mark san francisco mint makes other coins and the only did it because it was commemorating the san francisco mint so they might do in 25 years for the hundredth anniversary but not for the 77th anniversary. we have when more anniversaries and the government is doing a lot of other cool ones like next year the doing commemorative dollars of all the five starred generals and american history. it is windy very cool. >>host: this is the one you said was a hundred dollars? >>guest: we've done 3 revere spruce the 2011 set. it is about $800 the 20th anniversary set is about $800 and this coin iss rare as the only but is the
. they can even take care of their own bodily functions and they want to change the government. if you can't be, you can't change anything you stupid, stupid jerks. anyway. [applause] the chapter, focus on how basically the media demonizes the tea party and lionizes occupy wall street. i will get into why they did it later in the third hour of the speech. other areas, everybody has a border but if you talk about a border you are a racist. grant has a border. they don't deserve one that they have one. [laughter] our military is treated on campus with intolerance. if you organize a care package delivery to afghanistan they will be professors and activist groups who say, why are we sending stuff to people who kill babies? i don't get it. i don't have anything beyond that those people are idiots because they allow people like bill maher to speak so they give accolades to tears when he is a terrorist if they get no respect to our troops. there's a chapter in my book on that. conservative women, any women? [applause] you have the toughest job because feminists hate you and they go out of their w
be back. even i can figure that one out. here is the mint said starter collection a regional government packaging and you have it on price break this morning. this is a huge set . >>guest: e have done a price break on this and we do not have very many of these. >>host: i want to let everyone know, we have over a hundred of those and that can sell within this presentation but we do have 40 years of the proof from 1960-2000.this is a holiday pricing. we took $200 off of this. >>guest: extremely limited, we have about 60 of those left. >>host: a lot of the offers we have to with you this morning are extremely+ when you see if you want to see them underneath the christmas tree, hear with quinn collector, we do have the extended return policy, and took in three 31st and that is a great opportunity. that is what happened out and the cleaner world. >>host: this is the independence half dollar $129.953 flexible payments3 of4 in this is a historical claim. >>guest: the never presented this. and this is from this is a brilliant uncirculated, this is the centennial, and this is the 150t
's book titled the state of ridge, where the government sponsored enterprise in the financial crisis, clearly tom was years ahead of his time at his predictions turned out to be all too accurate. a very long track record of being one of the 04 most forecasters of the state of the financial-services industry but when he is not writing books he spends his time as a fellow at the center for dance to governmental studies at johns hopkins university. tom also served as staff on the financial crisis inquiry commission and in my opinion there are a few things i would disagree with the commission's findings one thing i know for certain is the commission's report was stronger because of tom's involvement. the book is also informed largely by tom's experience on commission staff. we are fortunate to have with us alex pollock to offer his thoughts on the book. alex is resident fellow at the american enterprise institute. i got to know alex a decade ago when he was president and chief operating officer of the bank of chicago from 1991 from 2004 and i would also say i always found him to be one o
, sovereign nations and the leaders from various states began to realize we need a stronger federal government so they wrote the constitution. many americans were opposed to the constitution and became antifederalists. so they were the federalists and antifederalists opposed to each other from the very beginning. from the signing of the constitution. the antifederalists gradually became known as republicans and then democrat republicans. so when john quincy adams was running for office, and you now have the republicans, democrats republicans running against the federalist and he was the last of the federalist. the federalists ran this country from the beginning. washington, adams and they were the people that ran the country in the elite, the constitutional and the states allow property owners to vote. gradually universal suffrage came, not involving women. don't get your hopes up too high. it was white male suffrage but you didn't have to be a property owner and that is what pushed of the elite out of power. adams says jefferson, monroe, all the plantation owners and elite leaders permitted t
talking with thomas woods junior. the most recent book "rollback: repealing big government before the coming fiscal collapse." this is booktv on c-span2 on locations in las vegas. >>> booktv on facebook. like us to interact with booktv guests and viewers. watch viewers, get up-to-date information booktv sat down with philip auerswald to discuss his book "the coming prosperity: how entrepreneurs are transforming the global economy." he was in atense for the fall for the book festival held annually at the university. it's about a half an hour. >>> now joining us here at george maison university is professor philip auerswald. the most recent book is "the coming prosperity: how entrepreneurs are transforming the global economy". here's the cover of the book. professor, what role does -- play in economic development? >> well, that's a great question, and maybe i'll talk about what role does fear play in our conversation about. the conversation about the present. when we talk about our reality and share our idea in a marketplace, we're competing with other ideas. we
about pesticides and whether the government would do anything about it. whether that to the question, there is a host of questions that turned out not to be emulated, although it seems that the time. several reporters asked about the increase in soviet shipping traffic to the island of cuba and nobody knew what was happening or what that meant, but in a couple of a couple of our most vivid know exactly what that was about. that was not in the ad and related to a person was talking about in "silent spring." i hope you could also hear the president referred to this carson spoke. we are going to look into this problem, especially in light of this carson spoke. what's interesting about that is in 1962, no further introduction was needed. everybody knew who this person was. those racial%, celebrated author three books about the ocean on the beautiful lyrical books about the ocean. wonderful, transforming experiences for readers. carson had a way of taking science and translating it to beautiful narrative that everybody could relate to. so should become one of america's most celebrated and
favorite and this -- the government only made them 1983-1997.what they decided to do to make it special was doing commemorative+ dollar and they put the set together and in this little case here and a solid as a prestige proof set and they just said it was a special proof set at the time. they did it againcommemorative dollars in all of the sets are silver so there is a tremendous intrinsic value in the sets as well as nearly a pound of silver is in the cents. then in 1985 they did not do and they decided they were really popular so let's revamp this and they to do a commemorative dollar ended in 1986 and change the packaging and holiday prestige proof set. in 1986 for the commemoration of the statue of liberty they did the statue of dollar that all proof set from the u.s. government go in this as well. new look at this for $1,699 and you get all of thisre kennedy half dollar proof sets and remember the that is $34.50 and $56.50 and $34.95 and $55.50 etc.. they're all valuable also is all the dollars and everything else. there is the constitution dollars of 1987 and 1988 is another ol
to be everybody got to say what they want under the circumstance. the idea that the government could decide what you said even leaving my mom and my dad in charge. in the journalistic society free speech so should be the role and i really believe that. i even did the six additional credits of my own design on the history of the freedom of speech and despite all of that, i was utterly unprepared for the kind of cases i would see on college campuses utterly unprepared and it took a little bit about this and this is one of the reasons i wrote the book because i feel like i've been banging my head against the wall writing for the post since 2007 my entire career and i started getting people coming back to me to say sure, students get in trouble for almost anything and most campuses have speech codes and sure people don't talk to each other because they are afraid of getting in trouble. what's the big deal? and i found that the terrifying question to be asked, and "unlearning liberty" is mauney response to the argument of why the free speech on college campuses matters. sick to begin with what i'm ta
bombing barbara and -- government buildings and shooting young representatives of the labor party who had gathered on the island for a youth camp. he confessed to the crimes but claims that he is not at fault, at least on the day of the attacks, 1500 page manifesto in which he outlined a series -- a theory supporting his actions based on the idea that europe must fight against the surge of islam, he evidently has ties with a variety of anti islamic movements. i go into that in the book. in the u.s. the legal side is somewhat better owing to our long constitutional heritage of welcoming religious dissenters who express their conscientious commitment by dressing in nonstandard ways, no bans on the burke up or head stock proposed that there have been numerous attempts to use zoning laws to force out mosques including locally in page county and some 0 crafted proposals forbid the application of sharia law by u.s. courts and yes, there has been as you all know horrific violence. the recent attack on the sikh temple in wisconsin that what seven people dead. the perpetrators seems to have influe
are living in tents. we have, you know, there havetht been elections and we have a ne government and so and a lot of aid that has been promised has not been going out. people have individual effortsro have some ways carried the day, you know, people have pickedw, n themselves up with the best in the best ways they can. it is a question that we have to keep asking and it's something that we have not allow people to forget that for example, hurricane sandy went through haiti and people in the northeast now have a sense what it wase like.ple, imagine something like thaticane going through your neighborhood, your city when you're living in a tent. there's something like 74,000th acre or more of land that hashe been the harvest, you know. more problems ahead that have grown as a result of the earth spooking, if you will, with the hurricane. you have more food insecurity. a number of cholera cases have increased with hurricane sandy. we're dealing and people tend to forget we are -- canceling canceling with urgent and difficult situation in haiti. >> where did "so spoke the earth: the haiti i
chocolate been to come from- also, if you get the government had a witches' dark chocolate and you also have the raspberry wind it has raspberry cream in it is awesome. included a matter what configuration you get and most popular is the snowflake andy chocolate 5 lb box. can you please explain the cards? >>guest: these will show you the different types of chocolates that we offer and it offers a brief explanation of ingredients that are in there. >>host: american stock olive chocolate, this is crazy because look at all the chocolates you are receiving. >>guest: % hoping their and send me another 10.tin. >>host: >>guest: little bites and commit to anything. >>guest: sometimes i guess are waiting a little bit so this is you eat bacon have while they wait for my cooking and dinner along with the appetizers. >>host: by the way the gift boxes are very popular at this time and so are the snowflake stands. >>guest: love the tin is because i like to do stuff with the stand afterward to distort things and it. many people at last time and they are getting a box to reload the sta
, to us, as reporters, he said, you know, the difference between us and the other branches of government is we don't need you people. it was quite an icebreaker, and -- but by implication, the supreme court doesn't need book authors, either, and so some of the justices i know are not very interested in helping or talking to reporters. so, how did you good about your work? in this regard? >> piercing the privacy. >> well, let me say at first, what i want for creams, is jefery toobin's sources because you have done a wonderful job, and i don't know how, pulling back the curtain. >> can i say about my sources. i call law clerks and speak to justice, not all of them but some of them, and -- but the best thing i did for "the nine" the single most useful trip i took was to west lafayette, indiana. what's there? the c-span archives. brian lamb went to purdue and sent all his archives there. the justices are on c-span a lot, and you'd be surprised how much is out there in plain sight. they -- a lot of these justices like to talk, and they like to talk about themselves, which is a common phenomen
should not be looked at to populate any kind of -- whether it is home or the workplace or government position, simply so that they can go in and replicate the same stories that get hold about that space so we can think of politics in the same way so the gifts we have women's bodies in those positions that if that is what i am trying to encourage, a different conversation, a different conversation about what it means to be in a space, how we think about a space or a neighborhood or a community, how we think about the role of the home that is more than an economic unit. in terms of policy, if we continue for example to think of a housing market as simply a measure of our economic growth, we are going to miss the real meaning of those various units, the home, for people. we can't simply think about it in terms of economic growth because that encourages us to make homes more and more expensive because it is good for the economy, without thinking about what it does for those of us who are looking to find homes in america. [applause] >> hanna rosin. >> these guys did a great job laying out
'sthose teams where they play. >>host: a one and ensure you see that your teams receivable the government and remember i wanna take one second because upright beautiful and as a great graphic and story to tell. this is going to be on your skin and i want to deceive the sure but because it is a soft cozy and winter decadent material that everyone will love and wrap themselves around it. i almost feel like we should call it a blanket and not throw because for example if you have kids that are going off to college it is great and perfect sizing for dorm rooms. many times you do not watch football alone it is big enough for many people to underneath it. the features are fantastic and everybody talks about how they wash well and they get softer the colors never believed our fate. ifown one of these throes would love to hear from you during the presentation. this is a perfect gift for everybody on last and we will start to see some of the team's ball out. we the dallas cowboys which is popular team. will see at the knees in new york c13 jets and maybe they can score more wins. >>guest: of win
500 companies, government agencies have used vipre for years and hsn exclusively will make this available to in this sort of configuration with multiple licenses. >>host: i use it and it is so easy to install. a lot of people think what is the install like? you plug it in t gives you all the directions. i had the norton online because they give you a 30 day period so i just on installed it. and then i went ahead and it takes in just a few minutes.takes you through each step. and it is simple. never installed anti virus, you can do it. and it takes care of 10 computers. mind, aaron berger, my producer (...) >>guest: you do not need on install any more because this is the 2013 version. >>host: mind, i had to. >>guest: this does it for you. it is windows 8 compatible and windows 7. when you put it in this will uninstall any of your anti virus programs you have already.customer support. the customer support for vipre and marlo has a great story, it is better than any other anti-virus i have seen.a lifetime of toll- free u.s.-based customer support. support monday-friday, 9
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